Bad Weather Parking

We are implementing a parking new protocol from now on when our horse arena (our parking lot) is flooded. This is needed to reduce the congestion that this creates in our blacktop parking area and our neighborhood street. We have to keep a low profile in every way possible to respect our neighbors. 

In order to reduce the number of cars in the parking area while arena is out of commission we need to do the following things: 

  • Carpool if possible. We will try to send out notification ahead of time as needed
  • Drop off and pick-up in front of our property. Do not pulldown driveway of you may cause a traffic jam situation
  • Early vault practice will need to vacate quickly when session is done to allow parking transition for next session.
  • Park efficiently. Do not leave a huge space in front or to the side of you. Pull all the way forward. Think how to squeeze as many cars as possible. 
  • Reduce AZSPA weight lifting club sessions (Possibly change location)
  • Reduce AZPVA sessions from 30 to 20 spots (if sessions fill up we will load balance as needed)
  • Allow parking in front of our property only (okay to block trailers)
  • Allow parking in our front courtyard

Under no circumstances should you park or wait on or in front our our neighbors property including when the arena is in operation. All waiting should be done in front of our property only please. 

Thank you for all your cooperation with this. Our neighbors will apprcaite it. We know parking can be a pain in this situation but we will do our best to manage it.


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