We Rent Pole-vaulting Poles

Pole-vaulting poles are expensive.  The average cost of a high school sized pole is between $500-$1000. Most high schools cannot possibly have all the necessary poles needed to support a boys and girls program adequatly. This is no fault of the school or the district.  It is simply cost prohibitive.  That is where AZPVA comes in by providing a centralized pole resource center that the entire Arizona community can draw from.  We have over 500 poles in our inventory that can be rented on a per season, month, week or daily basis.

All AZPVA  Elite Club members may borrow poles for competitions at no additional charge.  You may want to consider this membership option if you need poles as well as all the other benefits Elite club offers. If you are NOT an Elite Club member you may rent poles from us at the following rates:

Track Season Rental
March 1st – May 31st

10’/10’6” - $160
11’/11’6” - $170 
12’/12’6” - $180
13’/13’6” - $190
14’/14’6” - $200
15’/15’6” - $210
16’/16’6” - $225

- Monthly Rental (any pole) - $100
- Weekly Rental (any pole) - $50
- Daily Rental (any pole) - $25
- Rental Exchange - $25
- Late Fee - $25 per day


Call (480)766-6017 for availability

Taking Care of Rented Poles
- Poles must be kept in pole bag at all times when transporting and when not in use during competitions.
- Do not leave laying on the ground where people can step on them with spikes.
- You must put something around the standard collar, like a shirt or towel, to protect the pole from getting dinged.
- You may not lend the poles you borrow anyone else without prior approval from AZPVA. 
- You must have someone catching your poles if there are hard surfaces such as cement and rocks the pole can hit when falling. 

Poles must be returned undamaged in good condition.  Any pole lost, stolen, broken, has dings or deep scratches that render the pole unsafe to use will be need to be replaced by leasee at retail cost for the equivalant pole. The average cost of a pole is $500-$1000 plus $150 shipping. Please treat your poles with care!