Sports Performance Nutrition Program (SPNP)


The goal of this program is to assist athletes in learning proper nutrition practices, habits, and routines. Through a series of weekly meetings athletes will gain the proper knowledge to:

  • Track calories through the use of food journals

  • Set and achieve nutrition related goals (body weight, fat mass, muscle mass)

  • Fuel for optimum competition (nutrient timing, hydration and supplement education)

  • Cook proper meals to live a healthier lifestyle

What to Expect

  1. A Weekly Meeting with Nutrition Expert: Up to 1 hour sessions with Tray Oates, BS in Foods and Sports Nutrition, once a week. In this meeting nutrition goals will be set/tracked through the use of food journals and calorie tracker apps. Any nutrition related inquiries can also be answered in this time (Q’s about healthy fats, Q’s about eating habits before bed, etc.) General nutritional education will be offered every week during the meeting and this guidance will advance into deeper topics as the weeks go on. During these meetings we will go over how to properly cook and prepare healthy meals for the upcoming weeks. During this time the meal plan will be looked over and reviewed for the upcoming week.

  2. Meal Planning: Meal ideas along with macronutrient ranges will be provided for the athlete in a monthly package (delivered in email). This is a very flexible plan depending on the likes/dislikes of the athlete, but with this structure it will be extremely easy to achieve previously set nutritional goals.

3 Month Plan is $795  Enroll now