Saturday, July 23rd @ 10am

Unfortunately the weather is wreaking havoc on our facility so we will be unable to host the pole vault competition today.  Even if the rain let’s up the pole vault area is not likely to dry in time so we are trying to give you an early heads up so you can make other plans to enjoy the day.

We are however, going to try and move the competition to tomorrow, Sunday evening, same time @ 6pm warm-ups, 7pm start time.  We added the rescheduled time to the calendar, so please reserve your spot if you still intend on competing. Please stay in close contact with us in case we have more weather related issues.

IMPORTANT: Since our arena parking area is completely flooded and unusable we will not have enough parking unless we all participate in a solution. First, please carpool if possible.  Second, no spectators will be allowed unless they are the ones driving you to our facility.  Please tell the rest of your friends and family we hope to accommodate them next time.  There is no parking on the street in front of our neighbors houses.  We need to do our best to keep a low profile in the neighborhood.  This needs to be done until the arena dries out and is usable again.  Could be a week or two :( We realize the inconvenience and are really sorry about that.